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Meet Peter Myers, Certified Financial Coach

Peter Myers is a native Texan and currently an educator in Iowa - teaching US Government, US History, Financial Literacy, Algebra, and Geometry. He graduated from Iowa State University Ivy College of Business, and currently he is pursuing a Master’s in Education from Drake University in Des Moines.

Myers launched Master Your Money Academy in March 2020 with the vision of empowering young adults to live a vision-driven life of financial freedom. Myers says: “My view of financial freedom is living in a mindset of abundance, creating active and passive income through a winning financial roadmap, eliminating debt for extraordinary savings, and confidently securing financial freedom. I believe money does not buy happiness and it is important to create wealth and give back to the community - building financial freedom for myself and others.” Myers is also a graduate of HeartCore Leadership Institute, and he has been featured in the Wall Street Journal where he was acclaimed to be a top-expert on Amazon’s HQ2, after publishing a thesis titled “House Price Impacts of Corporate Headquarter Relocations.”

Education is the passport to reaching your dreams and goals, and educators are responsible for facilitating growth. Myers has a passion for working with students and facilitating their dreams and goals, as well as a passion for civic engagement, financial literacy, and community involvement.