my milkshake website

Welcome to my milkshake website! Here you will find all some things that I hope will help you! <3 (slide your screen to the right)


All my fonts! (Most of them)

- amalfi coast
- angora
- aracne regular
- authina blush
- baby cute
- barcode
- better together
- betterfly
- Biko
- bimbo regular
- butler bold
- bondoniXT
- byom icons
- can dog
- cat cafe
- Paris old style
- parisienne regular
- momcake
- allthingscat (not on dafont)
- challenge
- chasing embers
- cheeky rabbit
- childrensans
- cloudy days regular
- cooking set
- Coffee icons
- cute icons
- cutewritten
- dinomik
- DJB doodles bits
- doodle coffee scents
- DT flowers
- fairy tales
- everything has changed
- futurahand
- ganula
- garlic salt
- gentle remind
- Goldie boxing
- good mood
- grunge strokes
- habede extra doodles
- Hawaiian icons
- menina graciosa
- hello brownie
- hill county
- I love glitter
- kawaii stitch
- kg a little swag
- KGarrows
- KG cold coffee
- KGflavorandframesthree
- KG miss kindy chunky
- KLcupid
- ladybug regular
- lemon milk
- lamina
- lemonade
- little pinky doodles
- Louis George cafe
- love
- loverine
- love story
- marola
- mermaid bold
- moms diner
- muthiana
- naomis hand
- nature pro
- peanut butter cookies
- pink chicken regular
- Pixopopkawaiigirls (not on dafont)
- poppy (not on dafont)
- pretty you (not on dafont)
- rainy hearts
- Samantha
- silent Caroline
- sarmilla
- snow break
- sleep night
- social media
- spring romance
- Sunday best
- Tanaesteldoodleframes
- the students teacher regular
- UIMockup
- VBdingsTwo
- winkle regular
- winter fun
- wmvalentine
- and that’s it! as for the fonts then aren’t on dafont, search up the font and then download for example “pretty you font download” then just pick the first website and download it as you would with a regular font! Slide to the right for my colouring tutorial!


Addressing things!

Self promo: self promo on my page is fine with me BUT if it comes to the point where your replying to every comment on my video doing self promo you will get blocked, sorry!

Account: do not ask to trade accounts or to join my account because the answer will be a no :)

hashtag: please do not use my hashtag, I use it to see how many views I have in total of all my videos.

all my accounts:
- fanpagecoloured
- addsxria
- matchadds.leaked
- matchadds (user saver)
- pluvio.ellie (user saver)
- iconicswaggygc (multi acc!)
- addscrumble (this acc ofc!)
that’s it! Don’t fall for fakes <3


colour codes!



hiii guys! I just wanted to say that this is the last page I hope this helped you all <3 if you have any further questions feel free to ask me, I’m always happy to help! Love you all :)