here is how to do my colouring!🤍

you will need that apps: ultralight, colourtone, vont, prequel. These are all free but i dont think that you could get ultralight on android.

1.Go on ultralight and choose your video, click the edit button, click the triangle icon at the bottom. Put the clarity to 10+, the sharpen to 10- and the noise to 10-. Press save and click ‘save as new video’.

2.go on to prequel and chosse the video you just edited, click on effects and find the effect ‘weather’. next, go on filters and find the ‘teal’ filter. Go onto adjust, and put the exposure on 28, contrast to 7, brightness to 28, shadows to 100, haze to 75, abberation to 50 and blur to 25. click the save button in the top of the right corner.
3. go onto colourtone, and import your video, and choose the filter coogee.

4.go onto vont, use the font hug me tight for the question and the watermark in the font shorline script.

tips for fanpages!🤍

heres the best tips for being a fanpage!🤍

1. be kind!
2.give credits, ib, theme credits ect!
3.interact with your followers! daily!
5.have fun and support your idol!


you are worth it, dont change for other people! you look beautiful! You are VALID!🤍


how to download fonts and what fonts to use!🤍

1.go to (the link will be below)
2. type in the font name. download
4. in the top right click the down arrow and click the file. it to vont

fonts to use!
•shorline script
•garlic salt
•keep on truckin
•internet friends
•hug me tight
•kind heart
•hanging letters
• disney
•black listed
•kg red hands
•hello kitty
•heart warming
•dashing unicorn
•futurist fixed
•cute notes
•bebas regular

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thank you!!🤍

thank you for reading!!🤍

This took ages <3