About Us —

Meet your photographer - Jake!

Hey there, I’m Jake! I’ve decided to combine two of my passions in life photography, and fitness.

As a published photographer I have been snapping images for over 10 years. Over seven of those years I have dedicated to improving myself at the gym daily. I finally decided to compete in late 2020 - if that still happens since Covid 🤞🏻

We you attended one of my photo sessions, I have the tunes jamming, the atmosphere is fun and positive - I’m all about having a good time! I make sure your posed to best show off your physique and I always pay attention to the small details. I want you to have the BEST images!

Let’s start shooting! 📸

FAQ’s —

▪️I’ve never had a photoshoot done before, what can I expect?

No worries, photoshoots are fun and all about you! I like to make sure everyone is comfortable, the tunes are playing, we go over the process, and what we hope to capture during our time. I always try to explain the setup, why I’m asking you to pose a certain way or even why I’ve decided to use a particular light. In the end, it’s all about making you look and feel the best.

▪️Where do we take the photos?

Photoshoots take place generally in a studio setting or on-location such as in a gym (action workout images), gym studio (for studio styled images), a running track/sport field or a cityscape. Really depending on the goal for the shoot, we can photograph you almost anywhere.

▪️Do you travel?

Absolutely! I love nothing more than a good road trip. If a shoot is beyond 50km from Belleville, a travel fee will be added - unless the shoot is taking place at a competition.

▪️Do you take photos at competitions?

While I’m not the official stage photographer at competitions, you can book a photoshoot session the day following the competition.

Depending on the show date and location, I sometimes will be at the competition venue (or another venue within the same city) the day after ready to shoot! Visit 2020 locations on this page or on our Instagram stories for current dates and locations.

▪️What do I wear?

This can very on the type of shoot. It’s always best to arrive with more outfits than not enough. I will give you suggestions before based on the type of shoot we’re photographing. Generally arrive with multiple outfits that are clean, no or subtle logos (unless you represent a brand) fit tapered jeans, shorts,t-shirt, tank/stringer, undershirt, clean various shoes, fresh underwear (Calvin’s, briefs, trunks etc) and your posing trunks/shorts.

On the day of your shoot, don’t wear tight clothing/socks! Tight elastic waistbands (even on underwear) can leave imprints on the skin.

▪️Hair, makeup, tan!?

It’s always best to come looking fresh, but not too fresh. Ideally have your hair cut or touched up a couple days before the shoot. Basic makeup for men can help smooth out any facial imperfections but is not required. A tan will always help show muscle definition better under the strong studio lights - like on stage. If your ghost pale like me, don’t worry we can still make it work.

▪️Do I need to be in competition shape?

This depends on the look you’re wanting to capture. If you are competing the best time to capture your physique is immediately the day after. As we know the days your show you’ll start gaining water and your tan begins to wash off.

If you haven’t competed and are dieting just for the photoshoot - great!

▪️What types of images will we photograph?

I generally break down types of shoots into three areas:
- Lifestyle: This is more “influencer” type images, in a city scape or location that you prefer.

- Fitness: These are posing images in a studio based setting, or action shots in the gym working out or on the field depending on your sport of choice.

- Artistic/Nude: Images are creatively constructed and focus more on posing the body to show off certain areas. We use the body to create stunning images - your skin is your clothing.

▪️How many images do I receive?

This depends on the length of the shoot. The smallest session of 30mins will leave you with 5 edited images, where as an extended 3hr+ shoot will get you approx. 30 edited images.

▪️What is required to book a session?

Once we’ve agreed on a shooting location, a non-refundable deposit of $50 is required. The remaining balance is due the day of the shoot. You can pay by e-transfer, debit or credit.