Hey I’m Nandhini

I wear many hats. Besides being a full time student (studying criminology where are my true crime nerds at), working as a tutor and being a coach, I am also a sister, daughter and friend. The last three titles being the ones I wear with absolute pride and joy. But I also have a few other “titles”, these are sexual assault survivor and survivor of some yikes money trauma.

My first encounter with feeling like I wasn’t good enough was 10. The first time I felt shame around sexuality was 8. The first time I experienced that money trauma was when I was 7. I mean that’s insane right? I remember those times so vividly and I used to let those moments define me.

It used to define me to the point where I was just go go go and could not function beyond my identity of a capitalistic bot. Because my worth was always tied to my productivity and how well I could numb out my feelings and just keep going. So for mort of my life I kept my head down and studied. Despite that though there were those few moments through that time that I believed something more was out there me. Going with that nudge let me to some incredible opportunities. And then I was sexually assaulted. No worries though because I pushed it down completely, didn’t really tell many people and just kept going. I continued being go go go and achieving some amazing things but it always felt like something was missing and I was constantly burnt out. I then had a breakdown and knew I couldn’t continue like this anymore. Something had to change. I started becoming interested in wellness and self development which then led me down a rabbit hole (one I’m still falling through today btw) of spirituality and self development and deep healing. It brought me to breathwork (my absolute favourite healing modality), past life regressions (yay to becoming certified in this), EFT (hello verification) and not forgetting the crystals and people I’ve met through this work.

Today I have an incredible relationship with my body, one that I’ve only been able to dream of for so long, thriving friendships and a life where I feel fulfilled (on most days because let’s be real life does always have ups and downs). I trust myself to be able to navigate challenges with ease and grace, again something I could only dream of awhile back, and dare I say it amazing ability to hold space for others (check out my testimonials story highlight)!

If you want to know more about my services + verifications I am an Akashic records reader, a breathwork facilitator, NLP practitioner, hypnotherapist, EFT practitioner, time techniques practitioner and coach.

I’d love to know more about you, what’s your favourite movie/book/song?