these are my top food favorites in the Los Angeles area. california has been home for a while & i know it’s a popular spot to visit so i’d thought i’d share some of my favorite places to munch. everything from the aesthetically pleasing to the holes in the wall.

r a m o n a ‘ s

ramona’s is probably one of the best mexican restaurants i’ve ever had. the best part? there’s a to-go window! i’ve found that usually when i grab fast food mexican it loses its authenticity but ramona’s gets it right every time.

r o s c o e ‘ s

this one is prettttyy self explanatory. i mean it’s roscoes. it’s been talked about and instagrammed more times than i can really count. i love it. there’s multiple locations across the LA area. i personally prefer the one on Pico Blvd. but they’re all so good! my go to? the obama special : a waffle + 3 wings & if i’m trying to treat myself that day i’ll be sure to order a side of mac + cheese too ;) it’s home to the best waffle you’ve ever taste & don’t be surprised if you run into a celebrity or two while munching.

h s a l t

omg. there are not enough good things to say about this place. h salt is home to some of the best fish + chips in the LA area hands. down. it’s another fast food go to but you wouldn’t believe it if you tasted it. the london special : 2 pieces of fish + chips is my go to. each plate comes with fresh vinegar & salt to drizzle on top & honestly my mouth is watering just typing this! recommend 10/10

by C H L O E

this one is for me vegan friends (but honestly i eat here all the time because the food just taste good) this place has a menu of completely vegan items from vegan power bowls to beet ketchup. not to mention the aesthetic of the whole place is totally instagram worthy. i’m a fan of the quinoa taco salad but my friends typically gravitate towards their burgers. no matter your taste there is definitely something here to satisfy you.