Mayrahkee Aira

Be yourself completely

'Be so completely yourself that everyone feels to be themselves too.'

Your thoughts, your feelings and every word you have ever said matters just as much as your presence do. So, be what you are not what you have to be. You are beautiful now💜 Your mental health matters and we are here to take care of every bit of it.

Mayrahkee Aira

'You' are the only you to believe in.

Self care

Important steps for Self Care

Physical Health

Fitness plays a major role in self care. When you start treating your body right, positive response is seen. Whether, yoga or long walks, both helps in the well working of the body in several ways.

Exercise should be a part of your day to day life. Eating habits also effects the working of your physical body. Good food let's you work efficiently.
Long walks or run are the best alternative of exercises or yoga.

Emotional care

Feelings can hit you hard, leading to heavy emotional response. Self care is mostly about emotional stability. Once you take care of yourself, the mood swings become rare and you are able to keep yourself in your own control.
Sharing how you feel can help you get things out of your head and if not writing it down helps too.
Self care happens with interconnection. You should praise yourself more as a person. Comparison doesn't reach you anywhere but confidence and will does.
Take out time to understand yourself first.

Spiritual care

Connecting to oneself is important. Just like social connect, a little time to spend with oneself is as important. There are various ways of doing this...... Journalling being the easiest in day to day life.
Yoga, medication and nature helps you relieve the stress and spend some time understanding your own thoughts and emotions.
Try having a coffee early in the morning while listening to the chirping of the birds.