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Hi there! Welcome to my Page, I'm Mayra!

If you've come across this, I’ve sparked some curiosity about who I am and what I have to offer. If you’re left with wanting to know more, check out the highlights on my page to get a visual understanding of what makes me, me 💁🏻‍♀️ then follow me for the continued journey of my crazy life.

I am 36 years old ( 🥵 there I said it) starting off a career in real estate, building an online business working from my phone, and getting the business degree I skipped straight out of high school.

2 years ago I had two major events take place that made me take a step back and analyze how I was choosing to live my life.

1. I lost one of my siblings
2. My dad had a stroke the week following my brothers death.

I decided to leave my corporate career to move closer to my parents and be there for my dad. I could never forgive myself if I spent countless hours working away instead of spending what, at the time, felt like little time left with my dad.

I found my self falling into this stagnant place where I felt depressed and sorry for myself.
•I was a stay at home mom losing my mind
•I had lost my sense of purpose in this world
•I wanted to make a positive impact on others but I had no one to serve

For 12 years I worked for one of the most innovated telecommunications companies in the wold. I worked countless hours building my book of business only to find myself buried in work. Although I had flexibility to make my own schedule, I didn't have the freedom or time to do the things I enjoyed the most, spending my time with family, traveling, and experiencing life being present. When Friday would roll around I was so drained I didn’t want to do absolutely anything. I'd scroll aimlessly through instagram as I settled down from a hectic week and wander how these influencers used instagram as a business platform to get sponsorships, free travel, time to enjoy life, etc. I had no idea how to fit in that world until I met this company.

I now have the Time & Freedom to enjoy what I value the most, being present for my family! When I left my career at AT&T I thought I was leaving years of built relationships, mentorships, and clients. I have gained so much more. I get to continue to build relationships daily, I mentor others to become the best version of themselves so they level up their life, I get to make an impact daily with my new customers that are investing in their hair, skin, and wellness journeys. I’m helping others build beautiful lives with self-confidence and financial well-being✨

I’m forever grateful for such a fun and rewarding business opportunity that has a culture of family, service, and gratitude 💜

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