Don’t think of it as a task

Do you and do it well!

“Nau mai e te ao”

Living life to the fullest has been my ultimate dream. With Te Reo Maori as my foundation, I have had the opportunity to experience at least half of that dream.

Throughout my time on this earth I was fortunate to have been surrounded by many great mentors, who were and still are amazing stalwarts within my career.

I have been teaching since I was 16, starting as a support worker within the Kaupapa o Te Kōhanga Reo and gradually progressing into the role of a head teacher.

In addition to becoming a head teacher, I have had the privilege of guiding and educating older generations on their journey to learn the beautiful language of Te Reo Maori by practicing the methods and teachings of Te Ataarangi.

Currently I am still teaching within a total immersion space whilst teaching online with Ngā Kura a Iwi in the entrepreneurial section, growing and expanding young minds to achieving their dreams and aspirations.

As of late, I have been searching for a platform to elevate my desires in wanting to live a much more positive life with the freedom of creating a lifestyle that suits me, and with the help of my older brother I have the honour of being a part of a collective of like minded people.

In this collective I have learnt that there is no limit to opportunity nor is there limits to the abundance of life’s treasures.

With the support and leadership of amazing mentors, my eyes have been opened to this online space. Although this journey is new with many unfamiliar avenues, I have learnt throughout my years to trust in the process and believe in the outcomes.

So here I am, on this online space creating my ultimate dream with my own online business.

If I can take the leap so can you! I am now in a position to support and guide those who are seeking to make that same leap I have.

Allow me to support you in opening the doors to your dreams and achieving the goals you have longed for.

Allow me to accompany you on this journey to a brighter lifestyle with the freedom you deserve.

If you would like to make changes in your life, and need help and support to create a better future for you and your family.
Let’s take that leap together!

This is your time to shine!

Let’s turn your dreams into a reality!