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Early Learning Welcome Day

Join us on August 5 for our first Early Learning Welcome Day!

Autism-friendly family event

A tailored program of structured creative activities designed for children with hidden disability.
30 July 2022

Hidden Disabilities Sunflower

Find out more about the Sunflower scheme and the Sunflower Lanyard

‘What is a classroom ritual you perform to mark a new beginning, a new day or new year?’

Write, draw, or record your response via our Articulate portal!

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Art and Wonder: Young Children and Contemporary Art research project

Read about the research project.

Young Creatives Zine Library

Read now online or download, print and fold for that authentic zine experience!

Mental Health Month top tips

We’re asking our community to share their top tips for tuning in this Mental Health Month through our Articulate portal. Draw or write your response!

Celebrating Mental Health Month

Read about our partnership with NSLHD

djurali: Creative pathways workshop

Learn more about djurali, our free 4-day workshop for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young adults aged 14-18.

See you online!

Join us online for our upcoming teacher workshops.

Question time with Richard Bell on

Hear Richard Bell answer questions from our Kids Committee

Mount Druitt Press Conference: First Nations

Hear from young Aboriginal leaders of Mount Druitt in this youth-led panel discussion.

Some possible zine futures

Reimagine the future of zines and zine fairs with over 16 Australian zinemakers. View the digital zine or download a printable version.

Remembering and healing: artist Tony Albert

An extract of Kuku Yalanji artist Tony Albert’s talk delivered at the CIMAM conference, Sydney 2019.

Stories & Ideas • Interview with Cameron Robbins

Chief Curator Rachel Kent spoke to Cameron Robbins about his new work for the MCA Loti Smorgon Sculpture Terrace Commission.

STEAM workshops

Our STEAM online workshop has now passed. Find out about our upcoming on-site STEAM workshops!

Lindy Lee learning resources

Resources for early learners, primary and secondary students that take a closer look at Lindy Lee’s artistic practice.

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