from a college student


Hi there!

My name is Michelle / Meizhu. I go by any pronouns, so whatever floats your boat works. 1st generation, born and raised in the States.

I'm currently in college and studying (Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental) Biology and Microbiology... So, why am I writing poetry? Simple answer: it's a hobby I've had for years and I needed some sort of escape from STEM.

All of the images in my posts are taken by me on my phone (Samsung Galaxy S20+)! Also, I'm currently only posting on Instagram, but may explore using other platforms.

Thank you for reading my work despite some odd grammatical mistakes (English was never my best subject, I just enjoyed it) and thank you for showing support (especially my dear IRL friends/family)!

I hope that my words are able to help some individuals (specifically students) stay strong in times of hardship.

Beginning of the poetry journey: 10.27.2021

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it's my life, you see

College Life

Current Classes:

- Algebra-based Physics
- Introductory Biochemistry
- Fundamentals of General Microbiology + Lab

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Getting back into ACNH after a year. Check out the ACNH Instagram account my sister and I (used to) run (and will hopefully get back into posting often).


- Compiling old poems into a doc
- Preparing materials for art projects
- Readjusting my sleep schedule
- Daily self-care journaling via a mobile app
- Burn After Writing
- Figuring out what to cook/bake for fun
- Learning how to use StudySmarter app

Manga 'n Webtoons


- One Piece °
- Dr. Stone *
- My Hero Academia
- Trash of the Count's Family
- Bluelock °
- Jujutsu Kaisen *
- Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest
- Kemono Jihen
- Tenkuu Shinpan arrive ^
- Solo Leveling
- Fire Force ^
- Toilet-bound Hanako-kun °
- Black Butler
- Four Knights of the Apocalypse (7DS sequel)
- Ron Kamonohashi: Deranged Detective °
- Black Clover °
- Tokyo Revengers *
- Kaiju No. 8 *
- From the Red Fog *
- The Boxer
- Jungle Juice *
- Omniscient Reader °
- The First Night with the Duke *
- Tower of God
- Cursed Princess Club *
- Your Throne °
- The God of High School
- The Remarried Emperess °
- unOrdinary ^

* recommended
° personal favorites
^ I don't know why I'm still reading these (bad, weird, confusing, etc.)

[Unmarked] - good, but I'm not as interested as I used to be when I first started them

Mother Sea

Gold and Oden