About Me!!

Hey Everyone! My name is McKenna Eddy. I am currently a full-time college student and a part-time worker at a local retail store. As most of us know, it is very difficult to live off of such a small income as an adult. With only working a few hours a week on top of 16 hours of college credit. I needed to find a way to make an extra income.

I came across this opportunity from a friend on Facebook because it said “work from home”. What’s better than that?? NOTHING. She kept saying how she made an income ALL ON HER PHONE. (I was in shock) I messaged her for more information and she told me about all of the opportunities that came along with the business, the income she is making, and how she made an income just through social media!! After asking a few more questions about the business, I was totally on board!

With the love and support from my team, I have been in this business for a little over a month and I am now making enough money to do the things I want without being on a budget. It has lead me to grow my business and to meet incredible people on the way!!

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