Hello! 🥰

I’m McKenna & I’m so excited to meet you!

Let me tell you a little bit about myself-
I’m 20 years old and currently a full-time college student at Kent State University studying Deaf Education! For work, I work part-time from my phone!

I was scrolling through Instagram (per usual), and saw my friend working full-time from her phone, having financial freedom, and moving across the country. I watched her making MOVESSS forever & was too scared to ask for info about it. I didn’t wanna be sucked into something I didn’t want, didn’t wanna be “that girl”, etc. Just completely let self-doubt get the best of me. But I was sooo tired of being in school, working two jobs, and still stressing about time/money. I finally decided I wanted more for myself & to finally listen to that feeling inside me that kept telling me to go for it, and I joined her!

Since joining this business, I've been able to quit one of my jobs, work on going debt-free, and able to pay bills that I struggled with before! This business was placed in my life exactly when I needed it.

I’ve grown so much as a person just in the past few months because of this business and the amazing, empowering women I’m surrounded by daily. I’ve grown so much more confident and even better, grown in my faith which I’m soooo beyond thankful for!!

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