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Pinterest Management

The entirety of Pinterest all within this package. With this service I will adjust and optimize your account every way it needs and take into consideration what will be best for your platform when creating fresh pins and boards as well as schedule on Tailwind, do personal keyword research and I will always stay updated on the newest strategies all over a span of three months. we'll have brief weekly calls and 24/7 support on whatsapp.

Instagram Management

Don’t have time to post or engage on Instagram? I'm your girl. In this package I’ll plan out your feed to be cohesive, aesthetic, and include a variety of posts (reels, threads, singular, IGVTs). I’ll create a posting schedule based on your audience, post on your stories, check your DMs for brand deals, and engage and network. You’ll always have access to your account so feel free to post stories and comment whenever. We’ll have brief weekly calls and 24/7 support on WhatsApp.

TikTok Management

Ultimate way to get viral. I’m sure you know this by now but TikTok is one of the biggest ways you can get seen. This is what I can do for your platform. Edit ALL your mini vlogs/ videos, create a posting schedule, 1-3 posts daily, create viral and educational content, give you monthly viral content ideas you should do, and always, always keep up with the direction of your account and how to constantly improve it. We’ll have brief weekly calls and 24/7 support on WhatsApp.


I’ve been wanting to do a VIP day for so, so long and it’s finally here!! This is perfect for those who aren’t ready to invest towards my other services and just want a one time deep clean for any of their platforms. This goes for Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok. So listen up to what each has to offer.

Pinterest VIP day

Optimizing your entire account (boards, pins, and bio), providing you a weeks worth of pins (21-35 fresh pins depending on the activity of your account), making you a schedule on tailwind for those pins, keyword research for the top two main topics, available 48 hours of support through WhatsApp the day before and the actual VIP day.

Instagram VIP day

Clearing out dead accounts you’re following, 1 hour of straight engagement/ networking (reaching out to brands that are beneficial to you), organizing your DMs, provide you with a two week feed layout, 10 simple and easy story ideas that are reusable, a list of a months worth of content ideas, and of course 48 hours of support through WhatsApp the day before and the actual VIP day.

TikTok VIP day

Editing 5 video of your choice, hashtag research, saving up to 50 popular sounds, giving you a list of 10 trends to follow, providing you with the essential times to post, getting rid of your fake spam followers, and 48 hours of support through WhatsApp the day before and the day after the actual VIP day.

About Me

Pinterest & IG manager for lifestyle influencers

Hiii! :)

My name is Mckenzie!

I started my virtual assistant business back in Dec. of 2020 really not knowing what I was doing with my life. But of course I was still in high school so I just thought there was really nothing to lose.

I’m currently 18 and you might think that’s super young but I had to grow up really fast. Still makes me sad sometimes but, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Plus a young eye is great for letting you know what’s actually trending these days ;).

If you couldn’t tell I’m super ambitious and won’t hesitate to chase after my dreams.

I’ve always been into social media and the online world. When I was 11 or so I did YouTube and posted whatever the cool kids did lmao.

Now I just go to the gym and weight lift. Work, all day, everyday. And do my best to keep my clients growing.

The reason why I started was to be financially free and to help people. I’ve always admired people who’ve mastered their craft and of course that takes time but it’s something I’m always striving towards.

It might take time with Pinterest but trust me when you figure out the perfect equation, you’ll be shocked at how much you’ll grow from another amazing platform.

So whenever you’re ready to master your craft of being “that girl” on Pinterest, slide into my DMs on IG.

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