Building my dream life at 22

Assuming you’re new here, let me tell you a little about myself. I’m a passionate wife, dog mom, and dancer. My passion lies in dreaming big and stopping at literally nothing until I reach those dreams. I truly do want to make this world a hecka better place! I also help other women learn how to make money online so they can pursue their own specific dreams.

With no background in social-selling, or even much experience using Instagram, I learned how to monetize my social media. I went from a girl with a lot of big goals but no money to fund them... to living my dream life at only 22 years old. This job has given me the freedom and funds to live life on my terms, and be rewarded for the work I put in.

I’ve helped women learn to monetize their IG. Whether you’re a mom, college student, 9-5er, or free spirit, anyone is capable of learning. If you’re looking for an extra income, need a community of empowering women, want more freedom or just something to fill your cup—we need to chat.

Plant based and anti-aging products are my thing, so if you’re struggling with your hair or skin or just looking for some non-toxic and clean products—I’d love to help.

Feel free to ask me if I have spots open for social media mentoring! They go quick🖤

Work With Me

So you want to partner up and build your dream life?

If you’re seeking mentorship on how to make money from your phone and live life on your own terms—keep reading.

I’ve always had big goals and dreams, and refuse to settle for less... but of course when you’re young and broke, “dreams” tend to seem a little less possible.

I’m here to tell you, anything you want in life you can go out and get—with some grit and discipline, results will follow.

In August 2020 I started this business in hopes that I could turn my life around. I had been struggling with depression and anxiety for months with no goals to pursue and no passion to enjoy. After facing my fears and saying yes to this business I have been able to

1. Meet inspiring women who taught me my worth
2. Earn an extra income to help pay my mortgage.
3. Have the freedom to travel and work in my own terms.
4. Build financial freedom & residual income to fund life-long goals and dreams.

When I started this business I had no confidence in marketing and no expertise in social media, and just had a million dollar work ethic I didn’t know what to do with. Since then, my life has changed. I have grown in ways I never thought I could. I am now someone who doesn’t let fear stop them, who chooses discipline over motivation, who sets goals and sacrifices for a greater purpose. I see a vision for a bigger life & pushing myself out of my comfort zone has been incredibly fulfilling.

I’ve witnessed not only my life change, but so many others’ as well. Within my team I’ve watched college students go to their dream school & afford tuition, I’ve seen wives find purpose again as they contribute to their family’s finances from home, I’ve even watched girls find new passion in freedom and work towards quitting their 9-5 to pursue this full time.

If you’re an ambitious woman who is self-motivated and coachable, I want to work with you. It’s time to make a move! Let’s do this TOGETHER.

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