Living Life on My Terms

My journey to health, wellness and self love ♥️

I believe that life is a journey full of experiences and lessons that guide you to become your best self.

I am currently on a path of self love, I'm breaking down the societal expectations on women and endorsing that women can do anything they put their mind too!! Whether it be achieving good health, family happiness or embracing our current state in all its beauty.

As a single income house I am proving that women can be powerful!! I am a mom to 3 amazing boys and married to a loving man that supports me along the way. He has taken on the roll of stay stay home Dad while also making all my reno dreams come true!!

My life journey has brought me to a company that aligns with my beliefs. A company that encourages others to be strong and confident while giving back to others. This luxury anti-aging hair and skin care company is changing lives everyday. The transformation stories are heart warming, but even more exciting is watching others build their business and gain financial freedom! ♥️

If earning an income from home and helping others achieve their goals sounds incredible to you! Then we should connect and talk further 😉

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