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MDS Jiu Jitsu was established by Black Belt Myron Mangubat year 2014 at Manila. He then branched out here in his very own hometown with his brother Blue belt Matt Mangubat.

MDS Angeles is powered by Carpe Diem Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, one of the top academies affliated in the International Brazilain Jiu Jitsu Federation and also in the Asian Sport Jiu Jitsu Federation.

The Mangubat brothers have a very active lifestyle and a strong passion for Jiu jitsu and Yoga that they want to share with Kapampangans. They live to train, coach, and compete. They want to shape excellent and well trained athletes. They are part of your goal to be the best that you can be.

MDS Jiu Jitsu is also a home to our very own Female World Champion and who bagged medals for the Philippine team 2019, Purple belt Kim Custodio.

Our Yoga class is taught to us by Teacher Minghua Chen, certified yoga instructor. She has been doing yoga for over 10 years. Another helping hand is, Dra. Rowie Mangubat who has at least 5 years of experience.


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu jitsu is a Martial Art that focuses on ground fighting. It is usually used for self defense.

The founders of Jiu Jitsu mixed a concotion of other forms of martial arts to suite small individuals. They believe thay there are no men stronger or bigger once in the ground and only the right technique can win a fight.

Jiu jitsu is open for everyone. From the young to the old. Any gender is welcome.

Many of our students enroll for self defense, agility, fitness, camarederie, and for the most part stress relief.

Jiu jitsu is not only a sport but a lifestyle. It is not limited to a process of physical growth but mental as well. Most BJJ athletes would tell you that BJJ mostly changed their way and outlook of life and not just their physical well being.

We want to share with you our experiences with this incredible sport that made a huge impact on our lives.


Find your zen

Yoga is a systematic practice of finding physical, mental, and spiritual peace.

We have a wide range of students from beginners to advance. All poses can be modified for new students so you dont have to worry about catching up.

Our gym offers a very welcoming atmosphere. All types of people can join, there are no age limits, as long as you are eager to learn.

We are home to our Yogi, Minghua Chen, who has been in practice for more than 10 years. She gives an empowering experience of stregnth and balance through poses and meditations.

Book your appointment with us. We hope for you to be part of our growing yoga family.


Kick Boxing is a great Martial art and also absolutely amazing for weight loss.

Our students enroll because they want to gain stregnth, tone their muscles, get lean weight and of course for self defense.

Training is always intense and never boring! This program are for individuals who are very active or who wants to jump start their new goal to get in shape. It is a full body workout that will get you out of breathe and wanting more.

Our gym offers private lessons as well as group sessions per appointment.

We have a certified trainer, Sir Chiz Alipio.

Rates and schedule

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To quickly answer some of your questions we have prepared this for you.

1. Where are you located?

We are located at 2nd floor Padiz Building, Mc arthur hway, Sto Domingo, Angeles City, Pampanga

Link provided below.

2. What are the fees?

Absolutely no membership fees


• 2, 800 pesos for monthly rates
• 350 pesos for daily rates
• 1,500 pesos for weekly rates

•300 per session
•700 per week
•2500 pesos per month

•350 pesos per session
•3,000 pesos for 12 sessions

We offer 15% student discount

3. Schedule

AM class - 10am
PM class
• Beginners 6:00pm
• Advanced/ Fundamentals 7:00pm
• open mats 9:00pm

Classes usually lasts 1-2 hours long but students can stay til the open mats.
The monthly rate is for unlimited sessions.



Classes usually lasts for 1.5-2 hours.

By appointment

4. Are there gis for rent?

We dont rent out gis for sanitary purposes.

If you are a beginner we do understand that you dont have your gis with you. We dont rush you in buying your gis because, as we all know, they are expensive. You can just come in class in your workout clothes ( i.e leggings, dri fit, jogging pants, gym shorts etc.)

5. How much are gis?

Gis usually range from 2500 pesos (fair quality), 3500 pesos for mid range and good quality gis, to 5000-10000 pesos for branded excellent quality gis.

We can help you out in picking, ordering, and buying the right gi for you. Its just a matter of your budget.

6. What do we need to bring for the class?

A change of clothes, water bottle, and just your eager self. 🙂

7. Do you have water for free?

Yes we have free water. But we also sell other bottled drinks.

For yoga, we usually serve tea after sessions if available

8. Are your yoga mats for rent?

For yoga, you dont need to bring your own mats because we already provide that for you. But if you are comfortable in bringing your own, it is alright.

9. What age group can enroll in the various activities?

For jiu jitsu we accept students aged 7 and above.

For yoga, we recommend bringing kids aged 8 and above so they can follow and meditate also.

There is no age limit!



These are just some of the websites we think you might try to look for gis. We are not affiliated with this store. We do not promote it. It is just a suggestion.

Message us!

If you want to reach us and ask some more questions, click this link!

One of the best summer yet!

Enroll your kids to a summer class to keep them active and off their gadgets. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is one of the sports that active children enjoy. This summer is a chance for you parents to discover new skills that your child can do. And its for them to discover talent or hobby that they may want to continue. Brazilian Jiu jitsu offers children basic self defense, gentle martial art, and meditation. Its a chance for your kid to be engaged in sports. For Kids 7-10y/o Early bird rate - 3,000 pesos for 16 sessions register only up until march 20, 2020. Regular rate 3,600 pesos. For kids 11y/o and up 4,000 pesos for 40 sessions (mon-fri)for early bird, regular rate is 5,000 pesos.

Enroll now!

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Hope to see you in the mats!

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Basic class are for BJJ beginners ; Kids class are for 7y/o to 10y/o