Hello my beauties

I am Ms Medína

Born and raised in the HEIGHTS!!! I recently relocated to Plano, Texas. I’m a mom, sister, auntie, dam good friend, entrepreneur, mentor, motivator, influencer, makeup artist, foodie, and a lover of all things beauty! I love to travel, go on experiences, cook, adventures, socialize and make new friends. I’m a social butterfly and make friends easily through my inviting personality.

I love to inspire others to be bold, brave, know their worth and purpose. I have a passion for making women feel beautiful from the inside and out, boosting their confidence. I am consistently growing and reinventing myself through self development. I am at my happiest peak when I’m around my family, spending time with friends and lounging by the fireplace watching Netflix and sipping on some wine or my favorite tea.

I’m beyond excited to share my journey with you and I look forward to sharing my crazy single mom life, all things beauty, inspiration, laughter and value to enhance your life just a lil bit more.

You are meant for more!

💯💯💯 I'm not looking for people who need a job or who desperately need to make a few bucks. I'm also not necessarily looking for the busiest people. Or the most successful people. Or the brokest people. I'm not always looking for the Alphas. Not looking for the ones who think they know everything. Not looking for the most experienced. I'm not looking for the positive Pattys but I'm certainly not looking for the Cranky negative Nancys. I'm not looking for people with teams or massive influence. Nothing wrong with any of those things but I don't have a "now hiring" checklist and when I look at my PEOPLE, they are all so wildly different. I could go on and on. But I've been on a mission - who I AM looking for? Who IS a fit? Who CAN I help? And you know what I came up with? It's actually very simple but I've somehow made it hard. I'm looking for people who know deep down in their gut that life is supposed to be a little bit more. More risks, more bravery, more fear, more fun, more fulfilling. I'm looking for people who have stopped dreaming but who want to start again. I'm looking for people who don't have it all figured out but who are willing to think outside the box. Willing to LEARN. Willing to try new things. For people who USED to have big hopes and goals and aspirations but maybe life burnt out their candle a little bit. Those people - the DISCONTENT ones. The ones hiding behind highlight reels and responsibilities and busy lives and roles and bills and stress. And fear. They don't look alike and they don't always act alike and they come with different backgrounds and different skillsets and sometimes even different goals. But the discontent ones. Who deep down know they are meant for more. Those are my people. Round 2. Because we can. And we're meant to.