A bit About me

& The things I love

Metal smithing
Web site Design
Graphic Design
information technologies

Motherhood a day in my life.
There was a moment, as the sun rose on your seventh day on Earth, when we both lifted our heavy eyelids from something similar to sleep at exactly the same time. We stared at each other for a collection of seconds,  I slowly awake so that I can steal some additional precious moments with my sleepy daughter her name is Dakota and as her mum I give her cuddles in bed in the morning to help her and myself get passed the groggy stage of sleep. After rising I sip on my coffee and puff on a cigarette while it is yet still dark I ponder my day. It plays over in my mind and I make a mental note of dinner so I can begin its preparation early. We end our nights much the same as we begin our day.  we curl up in bed together for a big cuddle and talking session where we share our favourite parts of the day and share story's   with each other about our weeks passed. 
Motherhood is one of my favourite Jobs it is it's so rewarding and exciting.  

Study plans!
I currently study Information technology. I intend to continue my studies in It fundamentals with google Inc and coursera. I have completed part one of five of the IT fundamentals field . I plan to complete this collection of courses as soon as I can afford the fees. I am planning to study a number of additional short courses in information technology areas and computer science including a short web design course a short graphic design course and a number of short Information technology courses in a variety of areas I am interested in. 

Recent Achievements in Studies!
 I have recently completed a competent 98% as a finishing grade for part one of five of IT fundamentals with Google Inc and Coursera I have 4 additional modules to complete in the near future inorder to complete this specialization. And will complete as soon as I can afford the ongoing fees for this specialization. In particular I recently completed a competent 93% inside a course in Information technology history and security at Coursera with the Michigan University. Additionally, I completed a competent 97% for my work applied during a 3 week course in Web Design through Coursera and Sunnyvale University . 

Employment and Experience!!
I have employment experience and training in pharmaceuticals, hospitality, telecommunications and Information technology and data entry as well as retail management, nail beauty and hygiene training and experience. Just for fun I gained training and hobby experience in silversmithing and metal smithing. 

Skills & Attributes!
I wish to use and embrace my skills especially as I have very strong customer relation skills and client sales experience. My skills often lead to strong professional relationships with customers that visit and commonly demand request and ask for me. everytime they come into my workplace as they trust my opinion and value my commitment to providing a personal experience through successful friendly service with a smile and by understanding my customer I can ensure their requirements are satisfied. 

Growth and Expansion!
I wish to continue to grow customer relations and build trusted relationships with clients and employees as well as strong bonds and friendships and relationships with all my employers managers and company owners I wish to achieve this by offering genuine compassion and through a mutual respect and understanding of each individual. 

Volunteer Work goals!
I wish to obtain a casual or Part time voluntary position In the information technology field to gain experience in the industry and build myself up with new skills and techniques that I will be required to possess in my future career. I wish to study various areas of technology and gain experience through various voluntary positions so that I can potentially offer myself as reliable enthusiastic and highly experienced individual to the company or corporation I am aiming to build my career and life with.

Hobbies and For fun!
Creative and Artistic hobbies, my artistic ten years of experience and creative achievements can be seen on throughout this website.
Obtaining many different artistic skills and enjoys working with different textiles and materials in her spare time.
Creatively a wandmaker who constructs wands for witches and wizards and is thus an important occupation in wizarding .
Enjoyably a metalsmith or simply smith a craftswoman fashioning useful items (for example, tools, jewellery, and weapons) out of various metals. Smithing is one of the oldest metalworking occupations. Shaping metal with a hammer.
Also a sculptor artist who uses a material and molds or carves it to make a finished product. An artist who takes a lump of clay and sculpts it into a statute.
 An ammateur painter who creates works of art on a variety of surfaces, from traditional canvas, wood, and paper, to the sides of buildings. typically using watercolor, acrylic, or oil paints to complete work, and may combine different types of paint.
My artistic skills include wrappotoire and polymer doll making therefore I'm a maker of dolls.
Often a doodler or artist of drawings made while a person's attention is otherwise occupied. Doodles are simple drawings.
A creative artist that enjoys many artistic mediums as a hobby.
 I take  a special interest in unique and Creative art forms , and Enjoy work by other Creative artists.
​In addition I love to study in areas such as information Technology, Web Design, and Graphic design part time.