Wanting to grow your business?

Current Services + Pricing

Please review the packages below that I am currently offering + let me know what is going to be the best option for you!

Virtual Assistant pricing #1, #2, + #3 offer the same benefits of having a Small Business Advisor + Virtual Assistant, but have different hours per week rates. This is going to depend on what you need for your business and just how much you will allow for me to help you!

We are going to be a great team, just watch! 😉

Discovery Call

In this 15-30 minute discovery call we will introduce ourselves, + give some insight about our backgrounds. I want to hear all about your business, how I can help support you + what your goals are. I want to make sure we are a good fit! 😊

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1:1 Business Advising Strategy Call - $99

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

Of course you are, + even better, you’re in the right place.

I give advice regarding social media, technology, + sales (which I’ve done for corporate technology companies), and have owned my own online business.

In this 60 minute call, we will create a strategy for regarding your specific goals for your business. You can pick my brain apart + ask any questions, get my recommendations on what would be a best fit for you within your industry.

I have strategies that work + processes that produce results, + I want to share them with you!

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Inbound Call Closer (As Needed) - 10% commission

You have leads, hot leads, who want to hop on a call and are pretty much ready to purchase... BUT... you don’t have enough time on your hands? Too busy making your product or creating your service that taking calls is something that may not be the top priority right now? WELL, those calls will result in SALES, and maybe even pipeline customers, referrals, reviews, testimonies... you name it.

If you need an inbound call closer, I would love to help with this. I schedule the calls, I take them as needed, I help finalize and close these sales - and you don’t have to worry about any of it.

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Virtual Assistant 3 hrs/week @ $30 per hour

This is a good fit if you are just starting your small business + want to focus solely on your product/service that you create while letting me handle your administrative tasks or give advice on any social media, technology, or sales concerns or inquiries that you may have.

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Virtual Assistant 5-10 hrs/week @ $28 per hour

This is a great fit if you haven’t had an assistant yet, and are ready to have someone take over those tasks that you know are bogging down too much of your time each day and you would rather be investing more of your energy working on the business growth or spending it with your family!

I can do an hour of work each day for you whether that be 5 hours Mon-Fri or 7 hours Mon-Sun OR I can do 2 hours of work each day for you Mon-Fri. (However you need your 5-10 hours split)

You let me know what you need to help your business grow, and I will be there!

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Virtual Assistant 15-20 hrs/week @ $25 per hour

Your small business is booming... It’s really starting to take off and you’re a bittttt overwhelmed. Well, that’s where I come into play. With this package you will be one of my MAIN clients (I will only have 2 main clients at a time).

I know sometimes it’s difficult to delegate certain tasks because you may want to be in control of every aspect of our business...BUT think about how many other revenue generating tasks that you could be doing with your time to focus on your actual core product/service. If you give up this time per week on the “smaller” tasks, and hand them over to me, you can keep that business BOOMING EVEN MORE!

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About Me

My Background, Knowledge, And Services!

Hi there! I am so happy you made it to this page. I am hoping you can learn a little bit more about me and see if we would be a good fit (which I don’t doubt we will😉).

I am 23 years old and live in Austin, Texas! It is such a wonderful place and I will probably never move haha!

I have worked in the social media and small business world for about 5 years now.

I help assist Small Businesses with their: Social Media, Technology, and Sales. I provide advice on these business components, as well as virtual assistant services, to my clients.

My experiences include:
- Small Business Advisor @ a Fortune 50 Tech Company
- Small Business Owner as a Online Fitness Coach
- Degree in Business Management (BBA)
- Personal Assistant + Public Relations Intern for a Social Media Photography Influencer
- Social Media Coordinator in The Restaurant Industry (@ Chuys - aka my favorite place EVERRR)
- Operations Management Intern in The Retail Industry

I also have experience working in customer service, administration, and education.

My VA business in specific allows for me to work for myself, when I want, for clients who share the same values and goals as myself. I am passionate about helping businesses pursue their own passions and alleviate some stress that may come with tasks that are necessary, but not what their core product/service is. Outside of my VA business, I work full time in management. The times I have available are based upon my management schedule, but I still continue to dedicate my free time to what I am also passionate about doing - which is my VA work.

Let me know if you have any inquires, or questions. I can’t wait to work with you! 😊

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