About me and Me Connections

I started Me Connections with the Middle East products in mind... Having relocated back to the UK after 5 years in Dubai, I wanted to bring a little part of my life there... Here! And so ME Connections (note the capital E in ME for later..) was established in 2014.

Over the short few years, the direction of products I sold changed as well as how I interacted with customers. So I took a leap from abayas to handmade products with a few staple products in between. I went from selling on stalls to selling online.

Keeping my Deen in check has been one of the driving factors for some of the products I now sell and also make to sell. I also found the market wanting new, innovative and affordable products to present as gifts and so ME Connections was not about Middle East Connections but giving me (meaning you) connections to products that display thoughtfulness that goes into buying a gift for someone.

To keep story short about me, I am a stay at home mum of 3 under 10's, running the family, house and business. It's not easy but wouldn't trade it for the world. IT by profession but art from the heart.. or craft even!