Why I Love Design?

I have a passion for design through tech and innovation

Human centered design is so crucial to our society. I want to take part in continuing to improve people’s lives and eventually have agency in curating what the digital future looks like and behaves. I want to have the ability and skill to change the narrative of who design grants prosperity to.

Subvert —

I’m always thinking, how can I reappropriate stereotypes?

Design is subjective, but how can I send a message with the way I present images and colors together? That’s my favorite thing about design: I can tell a story with the way I edit photos and place icons.

Innovative —

How can I rennovate designs to reflect the needs of different populations?

I have a passion for crafting new images from the old that would better depict the lives of those underrepresented.

This opportunity will provide me with the chance to expertly take my ideas and transform them into visual representations.

Giving Back —

How do I give back to my community?

I am the co-founder and Director of Creative Marketing and Design for MediaHaven. MediaHaven is a platform for young professionals of color looking to enter the media and tech industries. Our mission is to network across and redefine access through networking events and industry panels. I’m responsible for all of the designs and logos.


I created the logo after many, many iterations.


After out trip to Afrotech where members were able to network with top black professionals in the tech industry (some even securing full time jobs), I designed the MediaHaven website for desktop and mobile. Check it out!

Launch Week

MediaHaven had a launch week the first week of April where industry professionals from different sectors of media and tech facilitated panels and workshops for members.

So why me?

I am a self-starter

From the design work I have done, one can see the drive I have to create and design outside of the normal duties I have day to day. I am creative, collaborative, and ambitious. In order for me to fulfill my goals and develop my skills, I need Shillington to help me with their resources and accessibility to the design industry.