A game made by Tiktok comment suggestions

MEDIA- The Culture Game

MEDIA was a project started on Tiktok. The Game is a Level-Based 2D Platformer Shooter. Users comment they’re suggestions and and the Developers will try to add them. The game is made with Gdevelop 5.

Why did we start this project?


Over the summer, the team has been looking into different Game creation things. Since we still had to deal with other stuff such as family and work, we decided to go with a no coding game engine to make that has a great connection to its community. In our opinion, we’re not even making the game. Its your ideas, and our way of making things look cool (like this site 😉).

Goals the Developers Have For the Project


1. A good amount of people leaving suggestions for the team.

2. 50 Levels and 25 Shop Items.

3. New Interesting Mechanics in the Game

This is what you’ll be doing in this mash of modern.


The game consist of some 2D Platformer Shooter levels. Completing these levels can give you themed items And/Or DataCoins. DataCoins will be used for the shop, where you can get items that don’t have a whole themed level after them.

There are 3 items you can have in MEDIA right now. This may change as we add more Gameplay Mechanics (See the GOALS page).

1. Ability Items

These items grant you an ability that changes you, your map, or whatever you guys come up with. These may do damage to enemies, these may heal, and maybe they even do damage to yourself (maybe one of you request some sort of speed stim item 🤷). These items can run out though.

2. Defense items

These items defend you in any way, shape, or form. Maybe a strong shield purchasable from the shop, maybe some armor from some sort of video game that we’ll have to slightly change. Some of these items never expire , but some may be out of recourses after you crank those “Fortday 90’s” with them.

3. Attack Items

Lets start out with saying these items never expire. Sorry for that fortday joke before, but none of us have done research on what we can get copyrighted strikes for yet…ANYWAY. These items will be what you use to attack. Maybe someone will want a Diamond sword? We’ll add it. A gun from “legends of apeggs?” Sure. Gosh damn it I DID IT AGAIN-

While this game is made of Media Culture, some bad things should stay in Media culture.

Request Rules

There aren’t that many things that we won’t allow. We aren’t Karens. We aren’t Emilys. But some things are still b a d .

Please note you can actually submit whatever you want, but if any of these describes your submission then we probably won’t ever add it.

1. No Sexual Themes: We want the game to be interesting for all people, but adding stuff like that tugs out game to the dark side a bit too much.

2. No political Themes: Too much fighting. No, no, no, no, no, no, and no.

3. We won’t add anything about our game being bad: Because it’s not. Our game is easily better then any game you can think of. Like literally, go get the person that you first see when you look around and make them download it. It’s your new child who’s just got born? Wow! I really don’t care. Download the game. (Jk thats amazing for you 😊)

No hateful things against religion/race/sexuality: why do you need an explanation for this?