Manifesting From Within ♾

Get to know Nobashea

Nobashea lives in Waldorf Maryland with her 3 children.
She is one of the founders and owner of Medicine of Essence.
Being a naturally gifted empath and intuitive; she has committed her life to being a healer of the heart, mind, body, and soul.
Her passion is to touch the heart of those she encounters and to teach them how to consciously create their life through the understanding that every thought, word, or action shifts the energy in their field, and creates their own destiny.

Nobashea went to University of Maryland majoring in psychology. She has over 20 years experience in the medical field, and has worked in the corporate world for a number of years in Human Resources, as an Insurance Producer, and has a background in Social Work.
She began this path with the goal of amour-propre and personal development, but soon discovered her life’s purpose is to help others.

She is a certified Yoni Practitioner with over 10 years experience, Licensed Body Sculptor, Massage Therapist, Death Doula, and CCMA with a specialty in Esthetics. She is also a Reiki healer working toward her Reiki Masters. Her practice grows continually and consistently through referrals. With an affinity for emotional healing, grief therapy, and womb healing; she believes we carry all our problems in the subconscious and this is where healing must began.
She also believes Meditation is the door to bliss and accessing your higher self to obtain access to the Divine.
“My sole purpose is to inspire, elevate, and love on a level beyond mundane.”