upcoming shows & things

for bookings/other: medukha.music@gmail.com

Just missed! May 10: The Rotunda (PHL)

Opening for Polish-Canadian band, Polky, at the Rotunda on 40th and Walnut.

You can watch our full performance at the link.

June 8: West Philly Porch Fest

See you around 3:30 at 4631 Spruce St!

πŸ₯πŸ₯πŸ₯we’re dropping our debut album in 2024

the process has begun and there’s no turning back: medukha debut album is in the works

can’t wait to share it with you all

info to coming soon

live at ukie club EP

stream & purchase our EP, recorded live with all its beauty and blunder, on a muggy summer night

Past events


March 25 (PHL) β€” Century Bar

May 19 (PHL) β€” The Pouch!

June 3: West Philly Porchfest

June 8: The Terrarium (Brooklyn, NY)

June 9: Moon Moon Farm (Burlington, VT)

June 10: Polski Piknik Festival (Montreal, Canada)

July 23: MoonGroove Festival (PA)

Oct 6: Flemington DIY (NJ)

Oct 8: Dahlak with You Want Milk & Hodgepodge (PHL)

Nov 10: The Monthly Fund, raising $$$ for Project Meow


March 6 (NYC) β€” workshop/fundraiser of traditional Ukrainian vocal polyphony along with our friends from Ukrainian Village Voices and the Greek community.

April 12 (NY) β€” acoustic set at Sarah Lawrence fundraiser

April 30 (MTL) β€” opened for Dumai Dunai at La Casona

June 4 (Philly) β€” West Philly Porchfest!

June 18 (Philly) β€” acoustic set at Clark Park Party in the Park

June 24-26 (NY) β€” jetЛАГ festival

July 23-24 (PA) β€” MoonGroove Music & Arts Festival

August 4 (PA) β€” Ukie Club

August 20 (PA) β€” Port Richmond Pierogi Fest

December 1 (NYC) β€” Rubulad