Welcome to Meemka ✨🤗
We are a completely cruelty free and vegan Salon. We are also family owned and operated!!!
Specialized in Color, Curls, Extensions and Styling. Our favorite things are our overall transformation or color corrections. Getting a step towards your goal each time or maintaining it!! ✨


Vivids Transformation  —

Half and half vivids transformation

5+ hr transformation

This was a Full vivids transformation with treatments.
Her hair was previously processed and unbalanced porosity. We had to move slowly with lifting as to keep her integrity intact. Once lifted we color primed her hair and applied her toner.
Then we applied her other colors for the other side. ✨ After rinsing we sealed it and restored nutrients with the leaf and flower mender treatment ✨😌✨ smells like fruity pebbles 🍇🍉🍊🍑🍇

Multiple session Color correction

With both of her appointments combined it was 10 hrs

Her first session was a in depth color consultation and a Partial highlight + tone
2 hr 40 mins
She was also sent home with products to maintain and set the hair up for the day of her correction. And schedule her correction.

The day of her correction we color primed her hair to balance her porosity or any highly comprised areas. Her hair was feeling very amazing from her products as well as her tone lasted nicely. Still diminishing those harsh bands from the first session.

We began to baby light the entire head make sure to blend those bands. As well as be very careful with those ares, due to break points from previous color. We were also wanting to help blend those grey's and remove those red tones.

We finished with a sealant on her hair and using our anti humectant products to make that hair nice and flat 😉

Her second session was 7 hr 45 mins

  1. Before


  2. Before


  3. First session

    First session

    Our first goal was to cool those fiery tones 🔥🔥 🧯🚒

  4. Second session before

    Second session before

    Her maintenance products are Aloxxi
    7 essentials shampoo + hydrating conditioner
    Platinum mask
    Bombshell shine mist

  5. 2nd before

    2nd before

  6. Processing


  7. Finished


    7hrs 45 mins later 😉☺️🤭🔥✨

  8. Finished pt2 ✨

    Finished pt2 ✨

Grey Blending Series

When the natural highlights start coming in more and more we can embrace them beautifully. When the root touch-ups become to much and you want easier styling. This is probably the thing for you.

Grey Blendings

Ash Based blending

If you are wanting more of the silver based blending.


Ash Based on the deeper side

#2 before

She had a lot of red and grey's coming in mostly at the top.

Partial Blending

This is grey blending but as a partial.

Partial before

Partial vivids

High Contrast

Platinum Card

Full foilayage w/ Curly cut

Meemka Model

At the Station 🚉