It's all by MEEP's


HI! This is Rin

I'm a student who loves to drawing and designing.

Hope you would love all of my designs, because, why not? I made them with love (sometimes because of bored)

Love Ya!


Find me here (・ิω・ิ)ノ

The First One! —

This is the first ever design I made on my tab. So... Its all started from my amazement when I saw alot of illustrator who's drawing their illustration beautifully. And, because of my endless curiosity and bored soul inside, I decided to make one and here you are!

One of my Favorites

So, actually, this is my 'made by my bored soul' design and after alot levels of 'empty creativity'....Voilaaaa!!!

Please don't bite me,sweetie!

Inspired from macarons that I can not make and afford. Plus, the sweetness and cuteness of my beloved pet chicken

Almost White

This one is my Dad's favorite. (Also me, to be honest). Why did I' choose white? Because, at that time I' was at 'simple white' stage, yet I' made this design as an almost complicated one

Miss Rose

This one is my Mom's favorite (and me, again)

It takes inspiration from red roses. Ok, short story time, it's all comes out after I' watched Disney's 'Beauty and The Beast'. Causing my imagination to create a design that will be look like expensive and graceful. (It's an all-knitted gown by the way)

My Most Favorite One

This one is a dark purple ball gown with pretty little crystals covering the fabric all over.