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Here’s a little about me:

Hey there! My name’s Megan but most call me Meg. I’m a 23 year old wild card with a book full of passions.

I have one little dachshund named Stormi & I’m currently located in Fort Laudy!

I grew up in Jax & left to go to TPA for college where I got my BS in Public Health at the Univ of South Florida. After I graduated in Dec 2018, I moved back to Jax to stay with family & be with my boyfriend after being long distance for a few months. I worked a 9-5 at an apartment community & just saved money for my next steps in life. I was applying to nursing schools all over Florida. Finally scored an acceptance at the Univ of MIA for a quick & hard one year accelerated BSN program. I just now finished my second semester & I’m projected to be graduated by May 2021 with my second bachelors degree!

My goal is to become a Labor & Delivery Registered Nurse to fuel my passion for helping others and being surrounded by powerful women & cutie little babies!

Along the way, I’ve discovered my lack of creative inspiration out of my current experiences in life. I have several other interests that stir around in my mind that I needed to find an outlet for. I’m hardcore beauty & fashion obsessed. I needed to add fuel to that fire to feel overall fulfillment.

Mid-semester of nursing school in my hardest semester yet with 6 core classes & 21 credits, I snatched up an opportunity to start my own business & I’ve been running ever since with a whole lot of giggles, confidence gained, and more empowerment to show authentic me & absolutely adore who that woman is. Which I never would have been able to say a year ago.

My biggest life goal is genuine happiness: to always be working on something that I choose to do, that makes me smile, that makes me a better person, and that fuels my fire. This life is limited & I refuse to spend my days working to live. I’m growing my life of freedom, can you say the same?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Some of my favorite things: a cool breeze with a good view, massages, online shopping ALL DAY ERRY DAY, the sound of football playing on TV in the family room on a Sunday, the look of an all white decorated bed, puppies running, babies laughs, weddings, a good outfit day, forehead kisses from your SO, airports, coffee on a back porch, and a glass of wine with good friends.

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