Hey Y’all, I’m Meg!

I’m a 28 year old boy momma who accrued lots of student loan debt to be working as a high school Athletic Trainer, Sports Medicine Teacher turned Athletic Director. (Don’t get me wrong, I love my job)

About 9 months ago, I realized I was in a tough place ready to put my son into daycare mentally but financially wasn’t sure where I’d come up with that type of payment commitment. And since I was sending him to daycare, I did NOT want to spend my weekends away from him picking up extra work.

Even though I had a good job, that allowed me live the life I like to show for, I was only just getting by. No savings for my son. Still accumulating more debt. Worsening my credit score and just overall not “killin’ it” like I portrayed I was.

Well I had seen a girl on IG who I had followed for months, because our sons were close in age, KILLIN IT. I was certain it wasn’t just portrayed because she constantly posted videos talking about it. I reached out to her during my time of desperation wanting to know more. Once she explained, I thought immediately “I’m in.” If she could do this, why can’t I? Welp, I had to wait until my next payday to make that investment in myself and I am beyond glad I did.

Now, less than a year in, I make a full time income from my phone, earned a $15,000 bonus, and continue to help other people do the same.

Because of this business, I not only “portray” this life that I want. I live it. I’m so thankful for this opportunity because it’s given me so much more than financial stability.

It’s given me some of my greatest girlfriends, pride in what I do, a healthy lifestyle, constant goals to chase, and CONFIDENCE.