About Megan

Professional Makeup Artist & Licensed Esthetician

Megan is a makeup and skincare pro based in Indianapolis, IN. The Glow Lounge is studio where she sees clients for results oriented skin treatments and beautiful, timeless makeup.

Whether you’re experiencing acne and need a professional treatment plan or you’ve got a special event and need a flawless makeup application, Megan can’t wait to meet you!

Megan has lived in the Indianapolis area for over 10 years. When she’s not helping clients find their glow, she loves training in powerlifting, spending time with her rescue pups, drinking coffee and enjoying local concerts and restaurants.

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Skin Favorites

Megan’s Top, Results-Producing Skincare Goodies

Tired of struggling to find products that actually WORK? Healing the skin and producing beautiful results can seem overwhelming and complex. Let me help!

pH balanced, organic skincare that heals skin from the inside out, combined with professional, medical grade skincare gives the 1-2 punch for not only that gorgeous glow, but skin that is truly healthy.

One Drop Wonder

Just one drop of this golden oil for the most beautiful skin of your life.

Pure pomifera oil is a natural carrier oil, it makes your current skincare even more effective. In addition, it’s also anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-viral and anti-bacterial.

Add a drop (or 3!) to your moisturizer, use as a spot treatment, combine with your favorite face oils or pat a bit into skin before applying makeup. Watch your skin improve by the day.

One Drop Wonder

Raspberry Refining Scrub

Are you exfoliating? At home exfoliation is key to a beautiful complexion! Regular removal of dead skin cells keeps the skin glowing, soft and free of impurities.

Raspberry, jojoba and blue corn meal make this blend super effective but still gentle enough for sensitive skin. Buff into face and neck twice a week for that GLOW.

Raspberry Refining Scrub

Forty Cure Cream

Packed with lavender and citrus essential oils and Tamanu seed, this luxe body butter not only hydrated and locks in moisture, but truly heals the skin.

Whether you’re struggling with eczema, psoriasis, redness, sensitivity, allergies or just dry skin, this is for you. Apply all over (yes, even on your face!) for soft, supple skin free of irritation.

Forty Cure Cream

Vital C Hydrating A, C and E Serum

Vitamin C is a wonderful addition to any skincare regimen. Increased anti-aging, antioxidants protection, hydration and a brightened complexion are just a few of the benefits.

This is my very favorite formula! A powerful cocktail of three forms of vitamin C, along with vitamin A and E, infused with Rose Petal and Red Wine extract provides maximum antioxidant protection and reduction of visible signs of aging.

Vital C Hydrating A, C and E Serum