Maybe you can across this page because I shared it with you or maybe you stumbled across it by mistake. Either way. I’m so glad you’re here. I want to tell you a little but about myself and my business.

I am a fairly new mom to 2 littles. I have a 2.5 year old and a 6 month old, who share a birthday. I also have been married to my husband for 5 years and we have 2 senior rescues ( we said goodbye to our 3rd at the beginning of the year )
Anyways, being a mom is great and no one is better than my kids but I got post partum depression really bad after both. I’m a stay at home mom and recently moved an hour away from my family so I know how long and lonely the days can get. Especially because my husband is the sole provider and has to work a minimum of 60 hours just to keep us living comfortably.
After my son was born I started feeling like I needed to contribute more to our household. I didn’t want my husband to have to work so much. I had some ideas for supplemental income but nothing ever came to fruition. I guess because I wasn’t motivated enough. Every day that past I found myself struggling more and more. I was literally in survival mode. Every day. I would wake up and just count the minutes until I could go back to bed. My son was a poor sleeper and that was also taking a toll on my mental health. I wasn’t finding enjoyment in anything anymore. I used to be so creative and I didn’t want to do anything. had a few good days but most were bad.
Then comes q sciences. It was a light in a really dark time. A friend had joined in July and had been talking about it in her stories. She was feeling good and taking care of herself. She was making herself a priority and she was crushing her goals just radiating with positivity. She was thriving. I wanted to thrive along side her. She was a busy mom with 2 kids. I asked myself, If she can do this and make all these changes in her life then why can’t I?
I jumped on a call and signed up the next day.
I didn’t care about the compensation plan. I wanted the products. I heard some of the ingredients and was blown away. Finally a company that is up to date on the latest research and I can get all my supplements in one place and never have to question the integrity of the products. Listening to people that were fed up with feeling depressed or anxious and just naturally and genuinely wanted a better life lit a fire inside of me. I had bo idea what I was doing but something was calling to me from deep inside that this is it. You need this. In my 33 trips around the sun, ive learned a lot and made a lot of mistakes but one of the most important things I learned is this. When your gut speaks you listen.
I was a little overwhelmed at first. How can I promote something that I haven’t tried. I know a lot but I’m not an expert. Etc. I’m scared to talk to people. What if I get rejected?
I kept getting on opp calls. I kept seeing people achieving great success. For once the critic inside me was quiet. I listened and I learned. I was coachable. I started reaching out to people about this company. Most people didn’t even respond. The ones that did would show a tad bit of interest and then stop talking about it. Normally that would deter me but it hasn’t. It’s making me more motivated. I have a whole community behind me rooting for my success, whether it’s fast or at my own pace. The community alone is worth more money in the world. I’ve been able to come out of my shell and open up. I’m rekindling old relationships and making new ones along the way. It all feels so good.
I don’t know all there is to know about this company but I have goals and faith.
If your seeking change like I was and you really love helping people then what are you waiting for? It’s scary but let’s do it scared. Together.

Peace and Love
-Megan Elgin