Megan Roberts

About Me

Hey!! My name is Megan, I am a mum from Leicestershire. I love tea, loungewear and travelling.

In December 2019 I quit my 9-5 office job, and since then I’ve been a full time stay at home mum, running my social media based business from home around my toddler. Making 4 times my old 9-5 wage, whilst not missing out on a moment at home.

I am lucky enough to get to spend my days doing what I love- coaching & mentoring others on how to make money online through our incredible business model. I get to work from wherever I want- usually a coffee shop or soft play area, or when we are travelling- a beach bar! I absolutely love what I do and I’m passionate about showing other women how to do the same!

I’ve been featured on Business for Home ‘Top Earners’, I’m No.18 top earner in my social selling company, have won awards at our company’s corporate events, and have helped hundreds of people make an income through their social media.

I am also the founder of Empower Global- a lifestyle brand & flexible business opportunity where women can be empowered to unlock their potential and fulfil their dreams. We are a community of hundreds of women having fun and making an income online.

This is a completely free opportunity- If this sounds like something you want to be apart of, message me direct on Instagram (@megannrobertsxx) and I’d love to show you what it’s all about!xx

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