About me!

Hi! Thanks so much for following me on my journey! My name is Megan (obviously) and I was born + raised in a small town in the PNW. I’m a fur mama to two of the cutest rescue doggos I know and my boyfriend & I love taking them on hikes more than anything. You can pretty much always find us on the go! 🌿

Life didn’t always look like this for me though. 3 and a half years ago I was working full time at a daycare center. I went into this job SO excited because at the time it was my dream job - but over time, that changed more and more. After long days of chasing around a bunch of toddlers, picking up their constant messes & changing tons of diapers, I was always coming home exhausted. So when I came across an opportunity to make an extra income from my phone, I jumped right in! 💫🌟

Fast forward to now and I’ve completely ditched the Corporate America world. With dedication and lots of hard work despite what others have said to me, that small little gig from my phone that I hoped would help cover gas each month turned into my main and only source of income. And I’m just here to say that if I can do it, you can do it. Follow along on my journey & I’d love to help you create a life you’re actually excited to live!💕