Let Me Introduce Myself

Hi everyone my name is megan williams im 28 years old with 2 beautiful kids. I am a full on mother with a amazing mindset of being a stay at home mother. I have many adventures with my kids swimming,camping hiking and fishing.
Like all moms dealing with kids having crazy schedule i chose to make a whole new life stlye for myself and my kids instead of that 9 to 5 and not having time to spend my time with my kids i changed my life with my beauty biz.
I am a busy mother juggling that motherhood and having a beauty/health buisness. My goal is to help people in need for all health and beauty . And the whole game changed These days I am…
•Working from my phone (or laptop) FT, on my own terms - not missing any milestones with my kids
•Able to provide financially for my family - and making more money monthly than I was at my previous corporate job
•Creating my own schedule
•Getting paid 5x/month instead of 2x
•Enjoying travel perks
In simple terms, I’m doing what I love, with other successful, encouraging people that share the same vision and also have some big goals… 💭
BUT. The most important thing to me is that I share this opportunity with YOU, so you can experience this kind of true freedom too.
➡️ If you’re questioning whether or not you CAN do the biz, I promise you can and I’ll show you a literal ‘blueprint’ to success
➡️ If you’re questioning your current routines, and would like more information on clinically proven, award winning products, take my HAIR + SKIN QUIZZES > also linked on the next page. They’re also simple, quick and don’t mean commitment.
I’ll follow up with you for a 100% free consultation based on your answers, and we’ll work together to match you with the products most suited to meet your needs + goals.
You can CREATE A LIFE YOU DESERVE all while helping others get their own confidence back AND getting the BEST HAIR + SKIN of your life. I’m here to help you do it.
MY GOAL? To inspire, connect and help people as much as i can for healthy life style and freedom for those moms who want to be a stay at home mom😍