A little bit about me ...

Meghan Maldonado


I’m Meghan, I’m 23 years old, I am a Pisces, I am all about having good energy surrounding me no matter what or where I go in life!! I love to travel & meet new people!!

I am currently running my own online beauty & wellness business, also helping other business owners with anything related to social media or website design. Along with working in a hair studio & med spa. I love to help make people feel more confident in themselves! Beauty is a passion of mine and social media has helped me in so many ways. Now i’m looking to help others if it comes to anything beauty or social media/marketing.

Network marketing has lead me to so many life changing opportunities. Allowing me to learn the industry while earning an income, also teaching me how to manage all of my time between my social life and my two jobs. Not to mention all the amazing people i have met from all over the world from this one opportunity. Now leading me into a lifestyle I’ve always dreamt of , and financial freedom I’ve never even picture having at this age.

This business has lead me to so much more than just an online income.

I’ve built a passion for traveling on a budget & helping others do the same. if your looking to see the WORLD & not break the bank, I can HELP.

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How do i do it ?

First; Your not alone, hundreds of people are starting to learn this from ground level every single day! We are only a 7 year old company. Our success rate is insane so NOW is the time. We work together as a team helping each other reach our highest potential.

Second; i am able to provide people with beauty & wellness products that ACTUALLY make a difference. They have drastically helped repair and grow my hair & save my skin and inner health ,as well as thousands of others so they will for you too. I would never stand behind a product that I didn’t truly love or use. When the results are that good there is no need for any other product.

Lastly; i do all of this through my phone, allowing me to live my crazy life and manage multiple streams of incomes. I run a full time business selling vegan beauty & wellness through all different types of networking tools.

Working from WiFi has allowed me to do so much more with my life. Allowing me to travel when ever I want and not worry about not working, and missing out on money. The opportunities are endless when it comes to this lifestyle of making an income.

Now I’m here to help others achieve there beauty & wellness goals . Im also here to teach and help others make an income while learning this amazing industry with me. If you need any travel help I’m also your go to 💋


Do it for your future