Helping folks in CA and OR move!

In 2016 I was working as a massage therapist after years in social work when a friend asked if I'd go into real estate with him. "You would make an incredible agent!" was his only explanation! Almost 6 years later I am licensed in 2 states (OR and CA), have helped just over 200 people buy and sell homes and can't wait to see what's up ahead!

Real estate is mysterious to the public- what do we actually DO as agents? I see it as a 3 pronged approach: Advocacy, Project Management and— Therapy. Advocacy: I help secure your best advantage through a sale (guarding what most American's consider to be their largest asset, savings account and financial future- their home!) Project Management- through a sale there are SO many details to ensure run smoothly- I make that happen over the several weeks you're in the game so you don't have to. Therapy- buying or selling a home can be (and almost 100% of the time is) an emotional experience- I help you understand how to make the best decisions for your future while the ups and downs inevitably roll through!

Since my business is an extension of my life they share the same set of values: integrity, contribution, sustainability and authenticity. It truly is an honor to be a guide and resource for every client I've helped, and it's my intention every client I've yet to meet will feel the same. Swipe to grab a free buyer’s guide; dm for a sellers guide on me. Cheers!