What I know..

Life is better when you feel better

Envision your perfect day free from pain (both physically and financially). How would you spend your time? Where would you go? And with who?

Hi! I’m Mehgan and those are the same questions asked of me in late 2018 before I decided to “just try it on” with Isagenix. My life changed after that moment and I am eternally grateful to the person who helped me to ✨dream bigger.✨ I want to help you dream bigger for YOUR life by utilizing a healthy lifestyle and incredibly supportive community.

I am mom to two little girls (Adilynn & Emerie) and am married to my husband Matt of almost 8 years. I started my journey with Isagenix 2 years ago while in the middle of physical and emotional challenges after baby #2. Feeding my body proper nutrition through Isagenix completely changed my life. Suddenly I felt like someone had lifted me out of a dark hole and I recognized myself again. I shed the weight, had increased energy and mental clarity and just felt GOOD. Today, this food fuels my entire family and I have dove into the financial opportunity in hopes to help others change their lives as I did.

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