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Earth based Meiken resides in a place humans like to call the ‘Gold Coast’. Hailing from Melbourne, breezed in from Adelaide via the rest of the world and through Byron, Meiken is like the mop that does everything.

It’s hard to define the undefinable. Meiken {May-Ken} is an enigma, an androgynous alien, a cosmic space babe with an indigenous heart. She sings with the butterflies and speaks to the stars.

In short, she’s a reality architect.

She remembers her various Earth incarnations and is having fun in a female body this time around.

Recording Artist, DJ, MC, Comedian, Author, Painter, Mentor, Gifted Healer, Doco Maker and all round Frequency Raiser, Meiken simply makes things happen.

She is a producer more than she is a consumer.

She tells her own vision.

She loves to eat Watermelon.

She is constantly reminding people why they signed a contract to come to Earth.

She performs subconscious reprogramming on humans to help them shift into the reality they want to live.

She is an advocate for the arts.

She stands for the lgbti, trans, indigenous, disabled and minority communities.

She goes vegan sometimes but still eats ice cream.

She helps people in their awakening process so they know they aren’t mental.

She’s known as an SP - Soul Practitioner.

She’s stoked you’re here right now.