Everyone has a SUPERPOWER

& I've learned that mine is being my authetic self

Hey! Thanks for being here! My name is Melanie. I'm the oldest of three girls. From a small town in Mass. Born on September 7th; a Virgo. About to turn 30! Chase and I have been together since April of 2010! We enjoy being with eachother and LOVE UFC and the NFL. We have three beautiful girls and love the life we're building. I've always had a deep passion for beauty, health and helping others. I'm a full time dental assistant/ team lead and manager with the top cosmetic dentist in our area.
I joined Monat as a VIP Nov 2020. I bought the products for my daughter who has struggled with hair growth her whole life. Results were undeniable and I knew I wanted to join the business.
I felt like I hit a goldmine! Unique, patented products that WORK. A family owned business, that had been put through the ringer and made it out alive. A proven concept, safe products with a strong focus of vegan, cruelty free and gluten free. Oh, and they're debt free with the best compensation plan on the market that pour into their people.
So, I began my journey January 2021 during a national pandemic and 9 months after giving birth to my third daughter. I was suffering from some postpartum hairloss that i didn't know I could change. I never styled my hair because I didn't see the point.
Weekly Rejuveniqe Oil Scalp treatments and my hair routine changed that! I started seeing major hair growth almost immediately and my hair completely transformed.
This business gave me confidence in my hair, skin, wellness and mindset. It's something I truly want everyone to expirence. The opportunity for success is bigger than you can even imagine.
Success for everyone looks different. Is it results? Being able to work when and where you want? Working in the pockets of your day? Working and spending time with your kids at the same time? Earned cars and trips? Being inspired by people who have made it and want you to make it too? Constant self development has become my favorite part.
And now I have the opportunity to change others lives because I said YES! You don't need a sales background or to be outgoing with a ton of friends to see success in this business because your results will spread like wildfire and your circle will want in on the expirence and opportunity. There's constant guidance and direction to help you along each step of the way and you'll never be alone.
Bet on YOU! There's no better bet in life.

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