Noted Conversation with Melanin 2020


You made it through 2019 ( 🎊 congrats, you’re a survivalist 🎊 ) , 🎉🎉WELCOME 2020! 🎉🎉
… now what?
A whole new year is up for the taking and it is all up to you.
What did I learn from how I handled that last encounter?
What are your goals?
What does setting this goal do for me?
What was in my control?
What isn’t?? 🤔
What can I change as an improvement?
How can I make that change?
All questions that can be really overwhelming, but guess what?! You don’t have to answer them all at once. You have twelve whole months, and four whole weeks in every month to:
Come up with a plan, set your goals and execute. You’re going to be held accountable, so what’s your move?

First things first, Mel! Perspective, understanding different points of view and your role in every situation involving you.

Getting to the root of understanding takes a consistent and daily journey. It seems impossible in today’s society, but how are you going through it?

First, evaluation your position you played in the situation, what YOUR true position and how your actions effect you and the ones involved. Most importantly, does it have anything to do with you?
To even begin ponder on when, where or how you have to remove yourself emotionally from the situation and think logically where your point of view came from, was there an emotional investment and how would you truly respond the same if the same situation involved you if you were in the other person’s position.

-signed.melanin 📩


Being outside your comfort zone can be a scary thing. Being outside your comfort zone, truly requires you to look yourself in the mirror and have that difficult conversation with yourself that you’ve been avoiding. Finish that one conversation that makes you so defensive when faced with others. Now Mel, we talked about this yesterday. Remember, when we brought up the topic about your perspective & your growth in this? That was only the beginning. Oh, you just think that you discover one thing and you figured it out?? WRONG! You were just scratching the surface. Don’t be afraid, remove your emotions and your pride so you can bloom some more. You’re only fighting yourself on this one. Remember, you have goals set. The only person that can stop you is YOU! Is it because you’re afraid? What are you afraid of? WINNING?? Chile’, get up, pull yourself together and get this done. You literally have no one standing in front of you pushing you backwards. It’s ALL YOU! You might as well push her behind you so she can help push you forward. Don’t worry, you got it. Don’t doubt yourself, you’re WAYY too powerful for that. Baby step this and watch how quick you start running. You have people believing in you and the most important person in you life depending on you. Remember who that is? It’s you. Time to go baby girl, it’s go time! LETS GET IT! I Love You♥️ go be great🧚🏾‍♀️ —signed.melanin✍🏾


The colors & shapes set the mood while the size of them set the tone.

As a child I find it is important to be able to notice the little things that make us different from the crowd and embrace it. That’s the start of personal discovery and growth. Finding the colors that make the soul smile and accent ourselves with it until we’re satisfied.
Nowadays it’s so common and normal for everyone to have, style, look and coordinate with someone’s standards of what’s acceptable that we lose ourselves in the thoughts of I cannot do, speak and especially dress in my own way because I don’t want to step too far out of what’s been taught as “my own personality”. Crazy, huh?!
You know what’s just as crazy? Teaching that same uncomfortable situation to the next generation and scolding the 1% that refuses to adapt. Heartbreaking, huh?
You know what sucks even more? Going years practicing a forced personality you’re told you should have and paying someone to help you find yours buried inside of you. Uuugghh! That hurt! 😔 😞 😢

— signed.melanin ✍🏾

Little Box

OMG! I cannot take it anymore 😖 The lies and limitations are too much for me. How the understanding of all that I poses. 🧚🏾‍♀️The magic I create and power to maintain, The will to unapologetically practice and the knowledge of its existence. Just because you don’t have the pieces all at one time, doesn’t mean your box isn’t for you. Think about it now! 💭