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As a young child, I remember seeing my grandpa take care of his garden in upstate NY. He had strawberries, blackberries, pears, peaches, apples and plums! I'm sure he had vegetable too but I was not a fan of veggies back then. All I knew was when the fruit was ripe, it was time for me and my cousins to help pick and eat the fruit... fast forward to 2019. I started to see my friends with houseplants, (Kristine and Alyssa), and was inspired to buy a plant or 2.

My plant mom journey officially started at the end of 2019. The first plant I bought was a snake plant aka Sansevieria aka Mother in law's tongue. At the beginning of 2020, I had 3 plants in my living room! When the pandemic started, I began to buy more and more plants! My green thumb started to develop and 3 plants turned into 30 something. I'm still unsure of how many I have at this very moment. My weekends are spent plant shopping so who knows the true number lol

My newfound love of plants and gardening has truly been life changing. Taking care of plants has been a healing journey for me. I have been able to overcome depression, anxiety, fear and resentment. I am not the same person I was in 2019 or 2020. I have tapped into nature and my green thumb has not only helped me emotionally, but also physically, mentally, spiritually and socially.

I am here to help you tap into these amazing benefits also. Follow my plant journey and when you are ready, let's explore it together. Your green thumb is calling!!

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These are some of my fav small businesses 💚

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World Class Travel by Brianna

Providing world class travel & experiences around the globe!


Gather Events Co

A boutique event planning company based in Washington, D.C. owned and operated by 2 best friends.


Million Dollar Gloss

A teen business owner who makes lipgloss. I also sell Nike lanyards, lashes, and keychains.


Shontay RacQuel

Shontay RacQuel designs clothing and accessories for all shapes and sizes.


Kloset Luxee

Online boutique of apparel and accessories


Get Fit with Smit

At Get Fit With Smit, I believe in change and dedication in order to create a thriving health, fitness and wellness community. Therefore, we will work together to help you set and attain your health, fitness and wellness goals by taking the time to build rapport and individualize realistic plans for healthy and timely success.


NewThing Co

New Thing
Are you looking for stunning & Unique Jewelry? Price should never be a compromise. We offer beautiful affordable pieces to keep your trendy and looking brand NEW!



For mind, body, and spirit.
Dive into this wellness. Dive into this healing. Dive into each other.


Hand-Crafted Mats

We sell custom doormats and DIY kits!
We also host mats & mimosas parties (must be near Houston, TX)


Worthy Mogul

MOGUL’s mission is to reach any held back by the constraints of the oppressive culture, letting all of God’s creation know that they are Worthy Enough to Be a Mogul for God. (Rev 5:12-13)


Hopeful Reality

Here you’ll find useful resources to address financial goals & productivity tips to turn dreams into reality.