Hi Everyone! I'm so happy you are here and look forward To introducing you to SEINT. I was introduced to over a year ago and fell in love with this makeup...and I was and always have bee a diehard Bobbi Brown girl but SEINT has my attention. In fact, I liked it so much I decided to become a SEINT Artist so i could share all of what I have learned with you and your friends along with some of my other favorite beauty finds. I am also learning about affiliate marketing in the process by representing some of these brands - BUT only the products I personally use and love will be reccomened unless of course you share with the group. Please feel free to ask me any questions and share with your friends. This is just one of several new adventures I have started in 2022. #Cheer Melea


> SWIPE RIGHT to get color matched today.

* SEINT MATCH ME - Get a personal color match within 24-48 hours.
* DIY - Feeling shy about sending a picture…SEINT has made it easy with the new skin tone finder linked to levels and makeup collections.

> Click on the SEINT Shop...

> Head over to custom palates and find the skin type closest to yours and choose your shade.

A big part of our day…no matter who you are requires the “getting ready” part…Getting ready to go to work (at home or the office), getting ready to travel, getting ready for a zoom meeting or date night etc…I am sure you get my drift. It’s the “getting ready” part that takes time and if you are like me…You are always looking to simplify things a bit.

Confession…I am a bit of a “makeup” junkie, I AM that person with drawers full of makeup and I do have my favorites outside of SEINT. I will tell you about those too but alot less comes out of those drawers now that SEINT has come into my life.

Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable.

⚓️ Melea Lynn