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“Be not be afraid of growing slowly, be afraid of standing still”

At a stage in a woman's life she becomes stress and unhappy with her hair, some of the possible causes could be health conditions, stress, hair damage leading to breakages and also age etc..

I was one of those women, my hair had a mind of it's own I've been tackling with my own hair growth for years and I have been struggling with breakages with my hair especially the back of my hair being shorter than the rest of the hair. I remember at a point in my life after growing my hair for a while I decided to add perming cream that made my hair worse, so after years of cutting and growing my hair I finally decided to go back to natural and use my shea product and also using more conditioner to wash my hair, to help reverse the signs of the damage. However, I came across this plant based product online, and the results I witnessed were amazing, testimony after testimony I couldn't wait to get my hands on it, having tried so many different types of shampoos and moisturiser's this product line was out of this world, I used the oil infused shampoo and from the first wash I saw moisture, and I saw re-growth, preventing my scalp from any further dryness of my scalp, and really hydrated it from the inside of my hair shaft out! I had never tried anything like this.

I reached out to my mentor, and was offered an opportunity to collaborate with this spectacular brand, and I couldn't refuse the offer! I love everything they stand for, and everything that is put into their products, and even more so, the reliability of their products! So whether you are interested in plant based, vegan friendly, toxic and cruelty free products or a potential business opportunity to earn passive income, I can help! 

Just so you know I'm always here for you, on your hair/skin journey. Please feel free to reach out to me!

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