Fan page

Hi I’m Skylar or who you may know as meliostreak or even pixar_char (if your an OG) I first started this account on 3/9/20 🤫but started my fan page on 7/12/20.😳As I’m making this I currently have 3899 followers.

My YouTube Channel

My YouTube is “ meliostreak”

Hi! I have made a YouTube channel! On my YouTube channel I will be posting videos on how I make my videos (like questions videos) maybe some QR code’s with my coloring, shakes, and graphs! (I need better graphs😭)

About me!

About me

Hi my name is Skylar. My fan page username is meliostreak i now have a YouTube called meliostreak. My favorite color is a pastel purple or a teal. i LOVE anime and the boys😍. I hate school👍and Im on online this year. I love the scent “winter candy apple” from bath and bodyworks it THE BEST!!! I do play roblox my favorite roblox games are probably murder mystery 2, bloxburg, theme park 2, Rag doll , animation mocap and vibe games + more.. My birthday is December 1 so my zodiac sign is a Sagittarius ♐️. And there is much more about me lol.


Taking a break

Since you came from Tik Tok (since that is the only place I’m gonna out this website on) you know I’m taking a break for a little bit as I need time to myself. I’m taking a break cause it’s hard to post and do school and many other reasons. So far this break I think has been worth it before I was forcing myself to post everyday. It was hard yes I know this is really dramatic😭😭lol. But anyways this break was worth it , it feels good to not be forced to post everyday and it gives me extra time to have some free tine to myself and work on school. Overall I think I might be quitting being a fan page is no longer fun it’s like doing a chore and you have to do it or your parents are gonna ground you😭😭😭but anyways my account is like really dead I barely get likes and that’s why I decided to restart my account and hope for the best. If you look in the comments of my taking a break video you might see that people are reporting my account😔 I have worked so hard on this account and I don’t want it to be banned people are so mean for trying to get someone’s account reported for no reason or just to get some “robux” that the person probably won’t even give you. How would you feel if you spent hours on your videos (well for question videos maybe like 15-25 mins) just for your account to get banned or for your vids to flop. If my account does get banned I will most likely definitely be quitting and you’ll never see me again unless ofc I make a diff account lol. Anyways yeah I hope you didn’t read that whole thing but if you did I love you very much💜and if you didn’t I still love you💜. But this was really dramatic LMAO. Still on a break tho😔