Hello Everyone, My name is Melissa Hohler!

I’am a work from home momma of two beautiful girls (Ava+Danika) and wife to an amazing man named Jonathan ❤️.

4 years ago I was a first time mom that felt awful about herself and never wanted to do anything for herself because I didn’t think that was what I should have been doing. I hated the feeling of being so down and over weight, I was starting to hate how I looked and I held everything in and was so scared to open up to even my own husband and tell him how much I actually hated myself. I was so unhealthy and finally enough was enough and I decided to try this keto coffee out and had every intention that it was a scam. Haha!

Once I noticed that the scale started to change I fell in love with the coffee and I started exploring so many other products and here i’am today with over 30+ pounds lighter and I’ve built a better version of myself!!

When I noticed that these products were changing my health I knew I had to be a part of this company. I really enjoyed cooking full time but starting a family I noticed I was struggling to get myself to go to work on the daily. I knew something had to change and I’m so thankful that I took advantage of this opportunity.

I couldn’t believe that I was promoting only being in the company for a few months. That is when I noticed that I had my hands on something great that could actually change my family and I’s life!!

This opportunity of a job has been such a blessing for my family already! We’ve been able to take on more family vacation without worrying about the expense. I’ve been able to work on my marriage and go away with him more to continue to work on our marriage with nice weekends away with just the two of us!

I can’t wait to share this opportunity with so many other struggling moms like my old self and others that this company can and will change your lives too!!

Swipe for my application and see if this is for you too!!!