Look around and see what I’m all about.

My name is Melissa.

I love life and strive to LIVE it up!
A few things you should know about me are that I love Jesus. My family is always top priority. I drool over a good budget spreadsheet🤓 and I have always been on a journey to improve health - through my work as a PTA, my workouts (running and yoga) and through a more natural lifestyle that started with a few essential oils.

Im not much of a puzzle, what you see is what you get! I’m transparent, honest and have a hard time beating around the bush. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣 (AKA Blunt!)

I’m an extrovert and enjoy {my} people, but I’m gonna need some quiet space now and then. My life and my heart are full...consequently, so is my calendar so I’m fiercely protective of my family and time! But speaking of calendar, I couldn’t live without one and it rates almost as high as my spreadsheets. 😆
It keeps my family and work life straight!

A few of my favorite things.

My Top 5

My life would probably be incomplete if I didn’t have these things. Find what fills your soul and spend more time with those people, places and things.

Young Living Essential Oils

Oils have changed our lives. We are healthier, happier and released from the social norms of being sick. The only people who don’t use, love or believe in oils are the people who haven’t tried them. 😉

Financial Freedom

I have a passion and a calling to help others find financial freedom. The thought of money, bills and budgets shouldn’t be scary or overwhelming and having an idea of how money works is the first step to breaking the chains of living in scarcity!


A church where you belong before you believe. Whoever finds God, finds life.

My Tribe

There’s no virtual link to this. It’s the old school, face to face, hand holding, high fiving, prayer lifting “village” of mama’s who support you! I have one of the best tribes and couldn’t live without them. If you’re not connecting face to face with people regularly, you are really missing out. Electronic devices can not replace this!

Travel the World!

There’s so much to do and see in this world. We are doing ourselves such an injustice by not adventuring out into the world to see and explore! Where I go and how often may vary, but I’ll never stop traveling!!