Life is sacred. Give grace.

Surviving Motherhood. Growing My Faith. Spreading Kindness.

Hi!!! Mama of 3 over here, basically surviving Motherhood by taking it day by day, sometimes hour by hour. I have found I am a much better human when I take time to connect with the Lord every morning. Teaching my kids how to be the light in this dark world by loving others, and building one another up.

Spreading Kindness, One Moment at a Time.

It only takes a moment to impact someone's day in a positive way.

•Give genuine compliments. How many times have you thought to yourself, "I love those shoes!" Start thinking out loud.

•Reach out to people. It is easy while scrolling social media to hit the like button or leave a quick comment for someone going through a tough time. Make it a priority to message them a few days after and ask then how they are doing or that you are thinking about them.

•Lift one another up. Whether they are strangers, family, friends, co-workers, etc. Recently, my son was having a rough moment out in public. Someone took the time to give me a sincere smile and say, "You are doing a great Mama." How kind and beautiful is that?

•Small gifts can mean the world to someone. A note in the mail, letting them know you are thinking of them. Buying someone's coffee. Baking treats for a neighbor. Sending flowers into school for a teacher or aide. The possibilities are endless.

•Give grace. Meet people where they are, we are all imperfect humans just trying to get through life. Instead of getting angry, simply remember they may be going through things we have no clue about.