Melissa Hanes-Petee

Hey Sister!

Thanks for droppin in!

My name is Melissa!

I am a busy mom to my two amazing kiddos and wife to my best friend!

When I am not busy being β€œMom” and wifey, you will probably catch me out living my next greatest passion,.. photography!

I love telling a story behind the lens and you can see it all at my website and by following my journey on Facebook and Instagram.. (just use the links on the first page πŸ˜‰)!

Another passion of mine, because it has happened to me, is helping others become the best version of themselves, giving them the confidence and strength to chase their dreams and live their best life!

I’m blessed to be able to co-mingle my love for leadership, photography, and networking with my desire to help people reach their dreams and find their confidence again!

Whether that is by achieving health goals, feeling beautiful in their skin, or by stepping into each day in their power, I love seeing people glow in all areas of their life!

I’m here to share and to show you exactly how I got to where I am today. All the things I LOVE, all things motherhood, how I overcame low self esteem, a domestically violent marriage, controlling anxiety and lack of confidence to becoming the best version of myself and running a few πŸ˜‰ businesses doing it!

So make sure you are following my journey over on Facebook and Instagram!

Do YOU, be YOU, for YOU!

Xoxo πŸ–€