Social selling is real + now!

Its 2021 and people are making full time incomes from their phones and social media. This past year alone, more people quit or left their jobs than ever before.
Today, there is an abundance of job opportunities, but they come at a high cost and there’s another motivation sparked by the pandemic: making money online.
These days, you dont need to go into an office or workplace to earn an income and more people figure this out every day. That means you can live + work from anywhere you want.

While the pandemic crushed many industries, it fueled rapid growth in other industries. For some, this pandemic has brought people to their knees, while for others they have absolutely flourished.

People have now realised that “job security” is merely an illusion we create for ourselves and that actually, it’s imperative to not have all your eggs in one basket. This crazy time in the world has really forced people to think out the box, get creative and hustle even harder than ever before.

I dont have a crystal ball, I can’t predict the future, but what I can look at is previous history and consumer culture. Pandemic or not, people still need to consume.

We are living in a GIG economy. Decent jobs that come with decent benefits are few + far between.

The majority of people nowadays want + need some extra income, over and above what they may be currently earning–resulting in just about everyone having a side hustle these days, including many professionals.

The big picture of what this lifestyle can truly offer becomes clear when your realize time freedom is more precious that how many dollars you have in the bank. Network marketing is the only industry I know of where you can reliably make a leveraged, residual income. No more trading your time for hardly liveable hourly wage. We’re worth more than that.

I truly believe this is not going anywhere and will continue to grow and evolve to even bigger and newer heights. Instead of my business slowing down during the pandemic, it continued to grow in ways i never imagined— why?

Because people continued to consume, and many realised they needed to be open-minded to new ways of making money.

People dont get into this because they have time and money, they do it because they WANT time and financial freedom, untied to the mundane 9-5 monday to friday barely getting a worthwhile raise throughout their careers.

If youre worried about being “that person” online or not having friends support you, you need to re evaluate your circle. Ive met the most supportive + just stoked about life people through network marketing. Its hard enough to make friends as an adult! Its time to get out of your own way. You can build this your way around your lifestyle. Youre provided with the tools, training, and community for success.

Good products + network marketing + motivating humans supporting your journey = the road to success.

Hi, friends

I’m on a mission to rewrite my story

By the time I reached my mid 20's, I had debilitating depression, anxiety, was a sponge to the worlds problems, struggled with hormonal imbalances, heavy metal overload, my gut health was horrible, I was sluggish and had no energy, mentally or physically, to keep up with my kids + life in general.
I used to feel completely disconnected to my body + mind.
I had my first big breakthrough in 2017.

Since then, I’ve acquired knowledge in alternative medicines, yoga, am studying for certification around supplementation and holistic nutrition, and continue learning traditional approaches to health like Ayurveda.

Now, I help others conquer their health + educate them about nutrition and holistic habits as tools to facilitate healing, overall wellness, + prevention.

Holistic implies a person as a whole + considers the connection between body, mind, & spirit. A whole body approach. Together, we’ll create an environment for transformation and elevate your existence.

80% of women who earn a six figure income do it through Network Marketing,