It all began when a Hairstylist fell in love with a shampoo…

And then her entire life changed

Have you ever felt stuck? Tired? Over worked and under paid? This was me for more years then I care to admit.

I’ve always worked hard but I could never get ahead. For 20 years I worked as a professional hairstylist building someone else’s dream.

I was a single mom raising three children and there just wasn’t enough hours in the day for me to work any more than I already was. I basically capped out. I was never going to make more money doing what I was doing.

Insert Monat in 2019 …..

From the first wash I knew I had to partner with this company. I knew my clients were going to be OBSESSED.
These products are so different from anything I had ever used in the past. I was absolutely blown away!

But I was BROKE. It was $349 to buy into this business and my bank account was - $1,500.00

I felt embarrassed and defeated. But I knew, I just KNEW I had to do this. So I got to work. I got my account in the positive and I joined.

I joined not knowing where this would take me but I knew I loved these products!!! And guess what?

2 years later I’m in the top 2% of the entire company.
I drive a brand new luxury vehicle and Monat makes the payment every month.
I am 100% debt FREE for the first time in my adult life.
I’ve earned trips that are all expenses paid and I get to bring my husband with me.

For the first time in my life I’m working on building MY DREAM and if I can do it, so can you!!

Curious about being a Market Partner ?

*As a Monat Market Partner, we receive a 30% discount on all Monat products.

*Get free shipping with all scheduled “Flexships”

*Get access to Flash Sales

*No purchasing requirements

*No quotas

*No monthly fees

*No inventory requirements

*Free custom website (upgraded option available.)

*Weekly and monthly payouts

*Smart Start Bonus Program for your first full 60 days.

*Opportunity to earn free travel

*Opportunity to earn a white Cadillac of choice at the rank of “Market Mentor”. (Middle of compensation plan)

*Opportunity to build a global business

*Competitive compensation plan with 7 different ways to earn

*Supportive community with access to free training

Want to enjoy Monat products with a discount?

Here are the perks of being a VIP customer…

Monat’s products are anti-aging. When it comes to reversing signs of aging, the most important thing is consistency, and giving the products time to work. Hair/skin has different needs throughout the year and it’s best to rotate in products that address specific needs.

If you are wanting a major hair/skin transformation, I recommend supporting your journey from within with our wellness line! Because of everything mentioned above, I absolutely recommend our VIP program. It’s the best deal for being a consistent product user!

*Monat’s VIP program gets you 15% off all our products.

*Free shipping and free “Only For You” product with every scheduled order of $84 or more.

*Receive up to an additional 25% off depending on cart total with our “Purchase Plus Program”

*Schedule orders in advance, ships right to your doorstep!

*You are in control! You choose what comes and when. Flexible scheduling that can be pushed out if needed. It’s not a monthly subscription unless you want to schedule it that way.